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Welcome to D25 Web Services!
The purpose of this site is to be a centralized location of information for all members of District 25. I hope you're having a problem-free visit, but if not, feel free to contact me at the link above. If you are interetested in submitting information to be posted on the site, please read the Internet Submission Guidelines below. If you have any more questions or concerns, send me a note and I'll get back with you as soon as I can!

D25 Webmaster

Internet Submission Guidelines

New web pages or links can be requested by any District 25 member or Toastmaster member from another District.  However, approval from a District Officer or staff member will be required.  The web master reserves the right to confirm approval from one of the top 25 District Officers prior to posting of the page or link.

To initiate the submission process, fill out the form here. This form will be sent to the District Webmaster, who will submit it to the proper officers for approval, if necessary. Once information has been approved, the sender will be notified of a designated email address to send their attachments to. Do not send attachments until your submission has gained approval.

New information can be provided to the District web master via one of the following forms:

  • Unformatted Text Files (.txt).
  • Microsoft Office Files (.doc, .xls, .ppt, etc.)
  • Image Files (.jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp)
  • PDF files (.pdf)

Please do not send EXE or HTML files to be uploaded to the site. To keep consistency on our website, all new information will be reformatted to fit into the designated page as designed by the webmaster.

New web pages or links can be requested by District Officers (top 4 or district staff).  They will be added to the district site as soon as possible.

Any broken links or invalid data will be corrected as soon a possible once the issue has been identified.  This would not normally require approval by the District Governor or other District representative.

Due to issues with possible viruses, overwriting of existing files/images, and time required to repair broken links, attempting to access a separate server and downloading files from there will be discouraged (unless deemed necesary by one of the Top 4 officers).

Removal of information/links from the District website

Any content, links or web pages that cause detriment to the overall site or District image will be immediately removed from the District web site.  The return of the link or page will be contingent upon approval by the one of the top 4 officers in the District.

Creation of Stand-alone Third Party District 25 sites

Issues have come up with creation of web sites that are intended to maintain district-related data yet are outside the control of the District.  Per a clarification from Toastmasters International these stand-alone sites violate TI policies.

Web sites which have been created by area governors or division governors to provide a source of information for their respective clubs/areas are not included in this policy (though recreation of district-defined data should be limited to links to the district site).

Linking to External web sites

All District 25-generated/controlled information will be posted under the District Website.  Linking to external web sites for District 25-generated/owned information will be prohibited (unless there is agreement with the top District officers).  This will allow the District to control all District information posted to the web-site and will minimize (legal or otherwise) any issues with what may be posted.

Links to other external sites will be limited to Toastmaster-related content only.  These links will fall under the following categories:

  1. Toastmasters International
  2. Region III or other Region sites
  3. Other Toastmaster District websites
  4. Approved International Director websites
  5. Any other link will require approval by the District Governor.

Unauthorized Access

The webmaster, along with the top 4 officers of the district, are the only individuals with the authority to access and/or alter or create code for the website. Although not recommended, occasionally, these individuals will appoint someone to make changes in their place. In that case, the appointee is granted temporary access after the webmaster has been notified. Unauthorized individuals who attempt to alter the site, whether it leads in success or failure, will be dealt with in accordance to Toastmasters International's regulations and at the District's discretion, if necessary.


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