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What is Toastmasters Leadership Summit (formerly Leadership Institute)?
It is the semi-annual District 25 event, held in two locations, during which training sessions are held for club officers, speech contest judges, and others who bear specific responsibilities in the normal course of administering clubs, areas, and divisions.

Is TLS only for club officers?
TLS offers classes for all Toastmasters (TMs). Topics typically include preparing different kinds of speeches, evaluating speeches, table topics ideas, mentoring, general evaluation of club meetings, listening, and many other "electives" of general interest. TLS also offers the participant an opportunity to meet other Toastmasters, making new friends, and obtaining names and phone numbers of good resources within District 25.

Why should I consider attending TLS?
To grow and develop your skills; to learn from experienced TMs; to network - meet and share ideas with other TMs; to share your questions and challenges with other TMs and get the benefit of their experiences; to build up a list of names and phone numbers of TMs you can call when a problem arises and you need help; and to have fun!

Who facilitates the classes?
Experienced TMs who have been trained in facilitation. Lecturing is out; interactive learning is in!

What is the format of the classes?
Lots of class interaction; hands-on exercises where applicable and practical; breakout groups and activities.

What are the hours?
Registration opens at 7:30 AM; networking time begins at 8:00 AM; Opening Session is at 8:30 AM; lunch is 12:00 until 12:50; and the last class period ends at 4:50 PM.

Do I need to attend the entire day?
Club officer training is scheduled in the morning and afternoon; speech contest workshop, judge's and chief judge's training, in the afternoon; elective sessions will be scheduled throughout the day (morning and afternoon). Come when you can; leave when you must.

What are the costs?
$5 if you plan to attend training only and not have lunch.  If a box lunch is desired, cost is $10 on a pre-registered basis only.

Do I qualify for a reduced registration fee if I only come for part of the day?
No. The registration fee pays for the use of the facility and for materials. District 25 pays the same whether we use the rooms for an hour or for the entire day.

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