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Here are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that we hope you find useful.

What does TLI stand for?
Toastmasters Leadership Institute.

How much does it cost?
It's free! Free refreshments also provided for those who pre-register.

What are the prerequisites?
None! Simply register in advance.

Who can go?
Any Toastmaster! You don't have to be an officer to attend. If you are thinking about running for an office in the future, go to training sessions to find out about officer roles and responsibilities. Attend electives to improve your Communication and Leadership skills. Network and make new friends! There’s something for everyone!

What if I am an officer in two different clubs?
If you are a different officer in each club, then you need to attend training for each office.  If you're the same officer in both clubs, you need to only attend one session. However, you need to sign in at the class for both clubs so you get credit for each club.

What if I serve in more than one office in one club?
You must attend the training for each office to receive credit for that office.

I’ve served in the same office several times in a row. Do I still have to go to training?
Yes. You might get different ideas at this training session. And you can provide additional insights to the newer officers at the training session.

If you have served in the office for quite a while, consider letting another member have an opportunity to grow by taking on your office. You can take the opportunity to grow at the same time by mentoring your successor, serving in a different club office, or even becoming a district officer.

I was trained last summer. Do I have to go in the winter?
For your club to get credit for the DCP (Distinguished Club Program), 4 officers must be trained in the summer and 4 officers must be trained in the winter. For the Super 7 award, all 7 officers must be trained in both the summer and winter.

Summer training is often different from winter training. In the summer, the focus is on the start of the year and learning the basics. In the winter, the emphasis may be more on lessons learned during the past 6 months and problems encountered. Now that you’ve got 6 months of experience in the office, you've likely got a completely different set of questions to ask than you did at the beginning of the year.

Do I have to attend the electives?
No. Although, you'll get a lot out of both the officer training and the electives, there is no requirement to attend the electives.

Only 4 officers from my club have to go, right?
To get credit for the club's DCP (Distinguished Club Program), only four officers need to be trained. However, to ensure the best functioning of the club, it's beneficial for all officers to be trained. Also, it helps the club when non-officers get trained so that they can serve on committees, be prepared to take on an officer role in the future, or take electives that help improve their leadership and/or communications skills.

Do we get extra credit if all 7 officers get trained?
When all 7 officers are trained in each summer and winter session, the club receives the Super 7 Award for each session. Your club will receive a ribbon for your banner.

What if I can't make it on any of the TLI dates?
Individual or club-level training is not allowed for DCP credit.

I'm not an officer. Why would I want to go?
If you're thinking about becoming an officer in the future, you can attend different officer training classes to help you decide in which position you'd like to serve.

The electives can build your communication or leadership skills in general. You can learn how to help out on a committee by attending an officer's training class.

Do I need to pre-register for TLI?

Yes. Pre-registering ensures that enough session materials and refreshments are available for all attendees. Also, some venues have limited space or may have security procedures requiring you to pre-register.

How do I know if I got credit? I attended but didn't get credit. What should I do?
On the main TLI page, there will be a link to a summer or winter spreadsheet. Scroll down to your Club Number. If your officer position is not checked off, look at the top of the spreadsheet to see when it was last updated and what sessions it includes. If you're not listed, but believe the spreadsheet should have included you, contact the District Training Chairman or the Program Quality Director.

What should I bring?
Note-taking material or devices will be helpful. If you're attending officer training, bring your manual. If you haven't received it, your previous President should have one for you. The same “Club Leadershp Handbook” is used for all club offices. Download a copy here.



 Last updated 6/30/2017

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