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Here are some resources for organizing and conducting a successful contest in an efficient way. If you have any questions or comments on the resources provided here, please contact District Contest Coordinator Marcheta Gardner at

Speech Contest Resources


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Toastmasters International Contest Information
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Contest R

Official 2017-2018 Contest Rulebook from Toastmasters International
*updated 7/1/17

- Guidance on Delegation of Contest Tasks

Explanation of changes to Contes Rulebook *updated 7/26/17

Contest Chair Resources

Webinar - Contest Training 9/1/2016

Dignitary List - 2017-2018 *updated 9/14/17

List is updated periodically during contest season


Contest Chair Checklist *updated 7/7/17
Contest Preparation Timeline

Contest Chair Briefing *updated 7/4/17

Contest Roles & Responsibilities *updated 7/4/17

Contest Picture Guidelines
Contest Evaluation/Guideline Document used by District Rep *7/3/17



- Humorous and Speech Evaluation Area Contest (Fall) *updated  7/6/17
- Humorous and Speech Evaluation Division Contest (Fall) *updated  7/6/17

- International and Table Topics Area Contest (Spring 2017) *updated 2/14/17
International and Table Topics Division Contest (Spring 2017) *updated 2/14/17

Forms & Signs

- Speaker's Certification of Eligibility and Originality - Form 1183 *updated  7/14/17
       All contestants must fill out and sign during the Contestant's Briefing 
- Speech Contestant Profile - Used for contestant interviews - Form 1189
- Evaluation Contestant Notes - Form 1177

- Contest Speaking Order Evaluation Contest

- Contest Speaking Order Humorous

- Contest Speaking Order International

- Contest Speaking Order Tall Tales

- Contest Speaking Order Table Topics Contest

- Contest Sign In Sheet
- Stop Sign for Contests - Post outside doors while contest is in progress
- Direction Signs - With arrows to direct attendees to event


Contest Flyers & Agendas

- Official District and Toastmasters International Logos

- Instructions for Creating Contest Flyer *updated 1/4/17
- Instructions for Agenda Preparation

- Area Contest Agenda Template *updated 9/24/17

- Division Contest Agenda Template *updated 9/24/17



Modify samples below as needed

- Certificate Preparation & Presentation - Who provides each
- Certificate of Appreciation for Contest Judges (.doc)
- Thank You Certificate for Contest Helpers (.doc)
- Certificate of Participation International Speech Contest (.doc)

- Certificate of Participation International Speech Contest (.ppt)
- Thank You Certificate for Test Speaker (.doc)

- Thank you for providing facility (.ppt)

- Third Place Winner (.ppt)

Certificates provided by Toastmasters International (fillable PDF files)

- First Place Winner - Form 510A

- Second Place Winner - Form 510B

- Third Place Winner - Form 510C

- Participation - Form510C

Zip file with all contest chair documents that are listed above individually

    for Fall 2017 Contest Season-click here to download
*updated 9/24/17

Chief Judge Resources

Chief Judge's Reference - Includes protest procedure

Chief Judge's Report
Chief Judge's Briefing

Tiebreaking Judge's Briefing


- Judge's Certification of Eligibility & Code of Ethics - Form 1170 *updated  7/14/17

- Speech Contest Time Record Sheet - Form 1175 Used by timers

- Speech Contest Tally Counter Sheet - Form 1176Used by ballot counters 
- Notification of Contest Winners - Form 1182List of winners advancing to next level
- Results Form (announcement of winners) - Form 1168


- Contest-Ballot-Judges-Evaluation - Form 1179
- Contest-Ballot-Tie Breaking-Evaluation - Form 1179A

- Contest-Ballot-Judges-Humorous Speech - Form 1191 *updated  7/14/17
- Contest-Ballot-Tie Breaking-Humorous Speech - Form1191A

- Contest-Ballot-Judges-International Speech - Form1172
- Contest-Ballot-Tie Breaking-International Speech - Form 1188

- Contest-Ballot-Judges-Tall Tales - Form 1181
- Contest-Ballot-Tie Breaking-Tall Tales - Form 1181A

- Contest-Ballot-Judges-Table Topics - Form 1180
- Contest-Ballot-Tie Breaking-Table Topics - Form 1180A


More Speech Contest Information


How to Tell Tall Tales - March 2013 Toastmaster magazine

You Must Be Kidding: Tall Tales Are a Tall Order - Sept 2014 Toastmaster magazine


Links to tutorials, FAQs, and more on the Toastmasters International Website




Updated 7/8/2017

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