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2011-2012 Promotion Page

2012-2013 Promotion Page

- Promotions - announced during Fall 2013 Contests


How to redeem gift certificates to the

Toastmasters International Store

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Promotions for 2013-2014




Distinguished Clubs - Wouldn't It Be Nice!



Leaders-Speakers of Tomorrow

President's Distinguished Clubs


Abilene Toastmasters Club 1071

Airport Toastmasters

Arlington Nooners Toastmasters Club

Denton Toastmasters Club

Flagship Speakers Toastmasters Club

Heart of Texas Bridge Gappers Club

MidCities Achievers

Roanoke Texas Toastmasters

Top Notch Toastmasters - TNT

Top of Texas Toastmasters


Select Distinguished Clubs


A-Team Toastmasters Club

BNSF Toastmasters Club

Clearly Speaking Toastmasters

Cleburne Toastmasters Club

Connection Communicators Club

Fighter Enterprise Toastmasters Club

Keller Communicators Club

Lake Vista Toastmasters

Las Colinas Communicators Club

Leaders-Speakers of Tomorrow

Nationstar Speaks

Ryan Plaza Toastmasters

Soapbox Heroes

 Southlake Club

Successful Speakers Club

USB Texas Toast


Distinguished Clubs


BNSF Expressed Toastmasters

Electric Toasters

Inner VoiceToastmasters Club

LM Evening Toastmasters

Michael's Craft Masters

Plus-Two Toastmasters

Savvy Sayers

Siemens Arlington/Grand Prairie

TCU Toastmasters Club

Toasting for Excellence

Wichita Falls Club


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Looking Forward, Giving Back

Our 2013-’14 focus, “Looking Forward, Giving Back” involves helping new members look forward to see the benefits of a long journey in Toastmasters. Experienced members give back by mentoring and motivating new members. Clubs that fulfill the club mission should be recognized and rewarded.

Full details of program- click here

Clubs Completing Requirements Fall 2013 - click here

Clubs Completing Requirements Spring 2014 - click here *updated 7/14/14


Winners of drawing Fall 2013 Conference:

Clearly Speaking

The Voice

Waco Early Birds


Winners of drawing Spring 2014 Conference


Crefmasters Toastmasters Club

Nationstar Speaks


Dream Team Member Program

Dream Team Members help new members achieve their goals and see the benefits of a long journey in Toastmasters. Ensuring that new members get proper mentoring and motivation from experienced members helps clubs sustain and grow their membership.  


Full details of Program - click here

Members Completing Requirements - click here *updated 7/14/14


Winners of drawing Fall 2013 Conference

Chuck Mencke

Diana Patton

Joyce Trimble


Winners of drawing Spring 2014 Conference

Joseph Barron

Celeste Castro

Peggy Corino


Details on this promotion to be posted soon!

District 25 will cover cost of Speechcraft up to $30 with proof of purchase

This is part of the Looking Forward, Giving Back District Focus Program for 2013-14

Speechcraft Starter Kit

Submit proof that Speechcraft was conducted and receipts - click here

Clubs Submitting Proof Of Speechcraft

Cowtown Criers - 10/19/13 *

Sabre Classic - 9/29/13

Waco Wordsmiths - 11/21/13 *



* - no reimbursement for materials

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Youth Leadership

District 25 will cover up to $30 for Materials for clubs that conduct

Youth Leadershp Program.

This is part of the Looking Forward, Giving Back District Focus Program for 2013-14

Youth Leadership: Kit

Submit proof that Youth Leadership was conducted and receipts - click here

Clubs Submitting Proof Of Youth Leadership


Connection Communicators - 11/9/13

Roanoke Texas Toastmasters -10/22/13

Texas Wesleyan Spellbinders - 10/25/13


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Club Open House

Quarterly Drawing for Prizes for Clubs Having Open House

Send us proof of club open house - pictures (or agenda) - click here

Check D25 Facebook for pictures

More information on open houses - click here


* Quarterly Drawing Winner

1st Quarter - Top Notch Toastmasters

2nd Quarter - Waco Wordsmiths

3rd Quarter - TCU Toastmasters

Club Name
Club Name
ACH Renaissance
Alliance Networks
ARBOR Toastmasters
BNSF Toastmasters
Centex Clearly Speaking
Circle of Excellence


Colleyville TM
Connection Communicators
Cooke County Area TM
Denton Toastmasters
Fighter Enterprise
Fighter Enterprise
Fighter Enterprise
Heart of Texas Bridge Gappers
ICE Breakers
Inner Voice
KCM Toastmasters
Keller Comunicators
Las Colinas Communicators
Leaders Speakers of Tomorrow 3/26/14    
Little Elm
LM AeroSpeakers
LM AeroSpeakers 2/11/14    
LM AeroSpeakers
LM Evening TM
LM Evening TM
NCTCOG Toastmasters
NEC Toastmasters
Power Communicators
Pro A.M.
Public Health Speakers
Public Health Speakers
Project Mgrs & System Engrs
Project Mgrs & System Engrs
Quick Silver Express
Quick Silver Express
Quick Silver Express
Roanoke TX TM
Ryan Plaza
Soapbox Heroes
TCU Toastmasters *
TCU Toastmasters
Thumbs Up
Top Notch Toastmasters *
Top of Texas
United Communicators
United Communicators
USB Texas Toast
Waco Wordsmith *
Waco Wordsmiths
Wells Fargo DFW

**-plans/promotion handled-open house will occur on date indicated


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Helping Hands


The Helping Hands program is for clubs whose membership is down (not necessarily to 12) and feel that it would be beneficial to have some extra hands and fresh ideas, evaluations, speeches, etc. to make the club meetings stronger.  The goal is to re-energize the existing members and help turn visitors into members.

The Helping Hands team will be made up of experienced Toastmasters members who are willing to attend a target club's meetings for a minimum of  3-4 consecutive meetings.  The team members may all be from the same club or may be from different clubs.  You cannot be considered a Helping Hand if you are already a  member of the club being helped when the program begins. 

If you feel your club would benefit from this program, please contact  Lt. Governor Marketing, Cindy Hinckley to send her an email. Every effort will be made to fill all requests.

Successful completion of requirement of this program will complete one of the leadership requirement for the D25 Elite/Star Award program.

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D25 Elite Member / Star Awards 

Each member of District 25 Club is challenged to complete a minimum number of requirements in Marketing, Education, and Leadership each calendar year. Once complete, candidates are awarded the exclusive D25 Elite Member Award. Members receive a D25 Elite lapel pin and are listed in the District 25 Newsletter and website.


D25 Elite  & Star Awards

Star Marketing **** Star Education ***** Star Leadership

Click here to see current and past D25 Elite Members.

Click here to see who has made the commitment for 2013-2014


Download the current D25 Elite / Star Awards Member Flyer (updated 9/15/13)

Make the commitment to complete

D25 Elite or any one or all of the Star Awards - Click here!

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Golden Gavel Award


Clubs with well-run, lively, and educational meetings that meet the needs of their members earn the Golden Gavel Award. This award is recognized with a ribbon that can be added to their club banner, and is awarded annually to a club. (Prior to 2012-13 a patch was presented to club to be sewn on banner.)

The club must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Members and guests are greeted warmly and enthusiastically.
  • Meeting starts and adjourns on time.
  • 15 or more club members must be present (clubs with fewer than 20 members must have 75% of members present).
  • At least one non-Toastmaster guest is present.
  • There is applause after every speaker - functionaries included.
  • All speeches are MANUAL speeches.
  • Evaluations are both specific and supportive.
  • Participants are positively recognized and ribbons/rotating trophies are awarded.
  • Members wear badges and guests are given name tags.
  • Printed agendas are distributed and followed with 3 or fewer assignment changes to the agenda.
  • Table Topics are interesting and/or fun - participants are able to speak the full time period.

Download the Curent Golden Gavel Flyer (PDF)

Area/Division Governor: Click here to send email to Awards Chair & District Governor. Upon completion of requirements (email will open & be addressed to awards@d25toastmasters) complete information, Cc club officer(s) and your Division Governor, and hit send!

Click here to see current and past Golden Gavel Award Recipients

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Five Star Club Award

Five Star Club Membership Requirements:
- Dues renewal on time by October 10
- Add 4 New Members
- Add 4 More New Members
- Dues renewal on time by April 10
- Club has 20 members or net growth of 5 by June 30

Privileges Include:
- Exclusive ribbon for club banner
- Honorable mention in District Newsletter
- Publication in Spring Conference Program*
- Announcement on District Website Hall of Fame
- Special recognition at Spring Conference Awards Lunch*

Details: Clubs must submit dues on time during both renewal periods. Dues must be submitted no later than October 10 and April 10 of the current Toastmaster year to receive on-time credit. On June 30, clubs must have 20 paid members or a net growth of 5 members if the base membership was below 20 as reported on July 1. Clubs must add 4 members, which are defined as new, dual, or reinstated members, and an additional 4 members between July 1 and June 30 of the current Toastmaster year. Results will be tracked from reports provided by Toastmasters International. Clubs have until June 30 to complete all five requirements.

* Clubs that complete all 5 by April 30 will be recognized at the annual Awards Banquet.

Download the Five Star Club Promotion (PDF)

Click here to see current and past Five Star Club Award Recipients.

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Pacesetter Award

Clubs achieving any of the following can earn up to 5 ribbons for the club banner!

5 or more Competent Communicator Awards
Excellence in Education CC Award Ribbon (Lime Green)

3 or more Advanced Communicator Awards
Excellence in Education AC Award Ribbon (Blue)

3 or more Competent Leader, Advanced Leader Bronze/Silver, or DTM Awards
Excellence in Leadership Award Ribbon (Red)

9 or more New members
Excellence in Marketing Award Ribbon (Green)

5 DCP Goals by January 31 *new 2012-13

Excellence in Goal Setting Award Ribbon (Maroon)

Click here to see current and past Pacesetter Award Recipients.

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Super 7 Club Award

Is your Toastmasters Club a SUPER 7 Club?

Each club that has all 7 officers trained in either of the two training periods will achieve the Super 7 Award and receive a ribbon to proudly hang on the club banner.

Club officers may attend any Toastmasters Leadership Institute held in the June-August training period or the December-February training period.


Fine Print: Open only to District 25 Toastmasters Clubs in good standing. In
order to qualify for the Super 7 Award, all 7 club officers must attend District Sponsored training held in June-August or December-February. If officers attend a District training in a district other than District 25 during the June-August or December-February time periods, documentation must be submitted to the D25 Lt. Governor of Education and Training in order to receive credit.

Download the Super 7 Contest Flyer (PDF)

Click here for training information

Click here to see current and past Super 7 Award Recipients

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Early Bird Award   


Remember that dues can be paid online on the TI website. Did you know that you need a

minimum of eight members to meet requirements? Clubs that wait to pay until they receive dues from every member risk the chance of missing the deadline and losing out on receiving DCP Credit.

Club officers use your single sign-on to pay your club’s dues online on the Toastmasters International website. Once onsite checkout the other activities you can do as well.


Also, don’t forget that clubs paying their dues ON TIME during both semi annual dues periods

will receive credit for the Five Star Club Award!


Clubs submitting dues by *
September 30 for October renewals
March 31 for April renewals
will receive
“Early Bird” ribbon for their club banner
At the Awards Luncheon on Saturday during the District 25 Conference

* A minimum of 8 renewals must be entered/submitted

by date shown to receive ribbon.


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Score Big

Score BIG! and Win the Dues Renewal Game


Why are smart clubs already collecting their dues renewal payments?


Because they want to have all their members renewed by the September 30 deadline and they know that starting early is the key to success.


Now there's another reason: Our new Score BIG! promotion. Here's how your club can get the most points for your member renewal payments. All payments must be entered online at TI by September 30 to count.

All clubs with dues renewals of at least 65% of their base membership will receive a special Score BIG! ribbon.



65% of base membership renewed: 3 points. You've made a field goal, but why settle for that?


75% of base membership renewed: 6 points. Touchdown! This is a good score but there's room for improvement.


85% of base membership renewed: 7 points. Touchdown with the extra point! This is a winning score — a healthy number of members means a strong club that can win a championship.


Here's how your points can equal rewards:

3 points = Eligible clubs will be entered in a drawing for a $25 TI Store gift certificate. Two certificates will be awarded.

6 points = Eligible clubs will be entered in a drawing for a set of CC/CL manuals (4 of each) OR a $50 TI Store gift certificate. Two prizes will be awarded.

7 points = Eligible clubs will be entered in a drawing for their choice of one of the following: Full-Size Banner, Portable Lectern, Battery-Operated Timing Lights OR a $100 TI Store gift certificate. Two prizes will be awarded.


Of course, just as in the past, you will get the Early Bird ribbon by having at least six renewals entered online by September 30.

Click here to print flyer to share with club

Clubs Having 85% (or more) of Base Membership

Paid thru 3/31 as of 9/30/13

* - Winners
AAFCU Flying Toasters Club
Abilene Toastmasters Club 1071
Bell Helicopter Club
Cleburne Toastmasters Club
GM Toastmasters
Golden Triangle Toastmasters Club
Heart of Texas Bridge Gappers Club
Inner VoiceToastmasters Club
LM Evening Toastmasters
Marketing Management, Inc.
Nationstar Speaks
Northwest Tarrant Toastmasters
Oration Plus Toastmasters Club *
Phi Rappa Yappa
Pioneer Power Speakers
Plane Talk Club
Progressive Leaders of Denton County
Project Managers & Systems Engineers
Siemens Arlington/Grand Prairie 
Skymasters Club *
Southlake Club
USB Texas Toast


Clubs Having 75-84% of Base Membership

Paid thru 3/31 as of 9/30/13

* - Winners
BNSF Toastmasters Club *
C3 - Corning Communicator's Club
Clearly Speaking Toastmasters
Electric Toasters
Expressionaires Club
Little Elm Toastmasters
LM AeroSpeakers Club
NEC Toastmasters
Power Communicators Toastmasters Club *
Savvy Sayers
Toast Captains
Top of Texas Toastmasters
Waco - Early Birds Club
Waco Wordsmiths


Clubs Having 65-74% of Base Membership

Paid thru 3/31 as of 9/30/13

* - Winners
Centex Clearly Speaking Toastmasters *
Chase A-Team
Daybreakers Club *
Grace Club
Las Colinas Communicators Club
Sabre Classic
Tarrant County Toastmasters
Toasting for Excellence
VHA Toastmasters
WINS Texas Toast


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Pot o' Gold


Promotion ends St. Patrick's Day - March 17, 2014


Click here to download flyer


Posted March 18


Clubs Meeting Criteria


Southlake Summit Toastmasters

Phi Rappa Yappa

Cowtown Toastmasters

*** Centex Clearly Speaking Toastmasters ***

Speakers Exchange

WBC Toastmasters

Leaders-Speakers of Tomorrow

Power Communicators Toastmasters Club

Soapbox Heroes

First Command Club

*** Centex Clearly Speaking - Winner ***


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