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2011-2012 Promotions

"Pinning Our Hopes on You!"

All clubs that get back to base membership or greater by end of year get a "Back to Base" ribbon.

In addition, for all clubs not currently at base level who get there by year end would also receive a set of Toastmaster membeship pins as follows:

  • Added 1 -3 members = 5 membership pins
  • Added 4 or 5 members = 7 memberhsip pins
  • Added 6 or more members - Set of 10 membership pins
  • Club adding the most members to get back to base or greater would also receive a set of officer pins.

Effective 4/15/12-6/30/12

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"Go for a Grand Slam!" 

Extra 'Beat the Clock' Incentives

Baseball season is here in District 25!

Your club can make a base hit or better yet a grand slam!

Her are the rules of the game:

$25 Gift Certificate for each of these hits:

  1. If your club conducts an Open House between May 1 and June 30 (receives $25 certificate as well as open house ribbon).
  2. If your club completes a Speechcraft program between May 1 and June 30.
  3. If your club implements a membership-building contest (lasting at least six weeks in May and June).
  4. If your club Beats the Clock (receive $25 certificate as well as TI's award of 10 percent order discount on a club order).

If your club makes any one of these four base hits, we'll enter your club's name in a drawing for a full set of advanced manuals worth $75.

Make a grand slam and earn $100 from District 25 or a base hit for $25.

Send email documenting your club's Open House, Speechcraft or membership-building contest (agenda, photos, etc.) to openhouse@d25toastmasters.org .

Membership applications and payments for members who join in May or June be received at TI World Headquarters or online no later than June 30, 2012; transfer and charter members do not count for credit.

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"CC Me on That!"

Members completing Competent Communicator

January 1 - March 15, 2012 will receive a new member pin.

Huge Success - Extended through March 31, 2012

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"20/20 Vision"


20+ Members by 3/31/2012


20+ Members renew by 4/30/2012


District 25 to reimburse club $50 towards new club banner, lectern or other rebranded materials.

Clubs completing requirements above AND completing 5 goals (including goals 1, 7, 9) by Apri 30, 2012, will receive an additional $50 towards new club banner, lectern or other rebranded materials.

Power Point Presentation to Support 20/20 Visison - cick here


***** Click here for results - membership requirement *****

***** Click here for results - membership & goal requirement *****

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Prepare NOW for your club's "Open House"

Receive a 'Annual District Wide Open House' ribbon for your banner!


Send us a picture from your open house along with your club name and date of the event and your club will receive a ribbon.

Click here to send photo!

Grand Prize* Drawing in April

One chance for drawing for each club sending proof of open house (picture/agenda)

+ One chance for each new, dual, reinstated member during Feb/Mar

*Grand prize: Club Banner or newly branded lectern or equivalent in merchandise with Toastmasters International Store

Learn more about Open Houses: guidance and resources

Marketing Workshop

January 21, 2012 - click here for details on workshop

Click here for more details on club open house

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Add members to your club during November 2011 - January 2012

Green Christmas Tree Light Green Clipart Red Christmas Tree Light Clipart Yellow Christmas Tree Light Clipart Blue Christmas Tree Light Clipart

Earn Gift Certificate to Toastmaters International Store

9+ New, Dual, or Reinstated - $35 Gift Certificate

7-8 New, Dual, or Reinstated - $25 Gift Certificate

5-6 New, Dual or Reinstated - $15 Gift Certificate

Smaller Clubs: Clubs with base of less than 13

Add 3 or more members - $35 Gift Certificate

Charter strength by June 30 - Earn Phoenix Award & New Club Banner

Click here for complete details!

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D25Member / Star Award  - "Let It Shine!"

Each member of District 25 Club is challenged to complete a minimum number of requirements in Marketing, Education, and Leadership each calendar year. Once complete, candidates are awarded the exclusive D25 Elite Member Award. Members receive a D25 Elite lapel pin and are listed in the District 25 Newsletter and website.

D25 Elite expanded 2011-2012 Toastmaster year - 3 more possible awards

Star Marketing **** Star Education ***** Star Leadership

Click here to see current and past D25 Elite Members.

Download the current D25 Elite / Star Awards Member Flyer (PDF)

Make the commitment to complete

D25 Elite or any one or all of the Star Awards - Click here!

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Adopt A Club       (new 2011-2012)          

Does your club have 20 members and would like

to help another club grow and thrive?

Does your club have 15 or fewer members and

could use some assistance to strengthen your club?

Download the current Adopt A Club Flyer (PDF)

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Golden Gavel Award

Clubs with well-run, lively, and educational meetings that meet the needs of their members earn the Golden Gavel Award. This award is recognized with a patch which can be sewn on the club banner, and is awarded once every six month term to a club.

The club must meet all of the following criteria:

- Members and guests are greeted warmly and enthusiastically.
- Meeting starts and adjourns on time.
- 15 or more Toastmaster members must be present.
- At least one non-Toastmaster guest is present.
- There is applause after every speaker - functionaries included.
- All speeches are MANUAL speeches.
- Evaluations are both specific and supportive.
- Participants are positively recognized and ribbons/rotating rophies are awarded.
- Members wear badges and guests are given name tags.
- Printed agendas are distributed and followed with3 or less role changes to the agenda.
- Table Topics are interesting and/or fun - participants are able to speak the full time period.

Download the Curent Golden Gavel Flyer (PDF)

Click here to see current and past Golden Gavel Award Recipients

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Five Star Club Award

Five Star Club Membership Requirements:
- Dues renewal on time by October 10
- Add 4 New Members
- Add 4 More New Members
- Dues renewal on time by April 10
- Club has 20 members or net growth of 5 by June 30

Privileges Include:
- Exclusive ribbon for club banner
- Honorable mention in District Newsletter
- Publication in Spring Conference Program*
- Announcement on District Website Hall of Fame
- Special recognition at Spring Conference Awards Lunch*

Details: Clubs must submit dues on time during both renewal periods. Dues must be submitted no later than October 10 and April 10 of the current Toastmaster year to receive on-time credit. On June 30, clubs must have 20 paid members or a net growth of 5 members if the base membership was below 20 as reported on July 1. Clubs must add 4 members, which are defined as new, dual, or reinstated members, and an additional 4 members between July 1 and June 30 of the current Toastmaster year. Results will be tracked from reports provided by Toastmasters International. Clubs have until June 30 to complete all five requirements.

* Clubs that complete all 5 by April 30 will be recognized at the Spring Conference Awards Lunch and in the Spring Conference Program.

Download the Five Star Club Promotion (PDF)

Click here to see current and past Five Star Club Award Recipients.

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Pacesetter Award

Clubs achieving any of the following can earn up to 4 ribbons for the club banner!

5 or more Competent Communicator Awards
Excellence in Education CC Award Ribbon (Green)

3 or more Advanced Communicator Awards
Excellence in Education AC Award Ribbon (Gold)

3 or more Competent Leader, Advanced Leader Bronze/Silver, or DTM Awards
Excellence in Leadership Award Ribbon (Red)

9 or more New members
Excellence in Marketing Award Ribbon (Blue)

Click here to see current and past Pacesetter Award Recipients.

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Super 7 Club Award

Is your Toastmasters Club a SUPER 7 Club?

Each club that have all 7 officers trained in either of the two training periods will achieve the Super 7 Award and receive a ribbon to proudly hang on the club banner.

Club officers may attend any Toastmasters Leadership Instituteheld in the June-August training period or the December-February training period.


Fine Print: Open only to District 25 Toastmasters Clubs in good standing. In
order to qualify for the Super 7 Award, all 7 club officers must attend District Sponsored training held in June-August or December-February.

Club officers may also attend the Toastmasters Leadership Institute in District 50 during the same period. If all 7 Officers that do not attend one of the district sponsored training sessions the club will not be eligible to receive the Super 7 Award.

Download the Super 7 Contest Flyer (PDF)

Click here for training information

Click here to see current and past Super 7 Award Recipients

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