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Why Should I Recognize My Club's Officers?

  • Toastmasters is a volunteer organization
  • Officers positions are voluntary
  • Officers work hard!
  • It shows appreciation
  • Motivation for future success
  • People like receiving accolades

How to Nominate Outstanding Officers

  • Fill out the form (see above)
  • Submit it to your Area Governor

A How-To Guide for Filling Out the Form

  • Fill out everything on the form
  • At the very top include the name and information for the nominee
  • Check the office that nominee is holding
  • Write in for "Rookie of the Year" or "Toastmaster of the Year"
  • Under officer-specific sections:
  • Put check marks or X's in appropriate spaces
  • Put percentages where needed
  • Type or print neatly
  • If they can't read it, they won't consider it!
  • Attach separate pages as needed
  • Best way to fill out the write-in section is to break it apart into 3 main blocks:
  • As an Outstanding President/VP-Education/etc.
  • Look at qualifications for office (they can be found in the back of the "Basic" Communications and Leadership Manual)
  • Think about how nominee accomplished those qualifications outstandingly
  • Be short and to the point, but descriptive
  • If this office has additional responsibilities in your club, include them here
  • As an Outstanding Officer (in general)
  • Officers have many additional responsibilities, for example:
  • Organized a new member handbook
  • Organized a guest packet
  • Organized Speak-a-Thons
  • Organized social events
  • These are equally important as normal duties
  • As an Outstanding Toastmaster
  • Nominee may do many things not required of their office or of an officer
  • Need to have these things considered!
  • This information may be the tiebreaker in close decisions
  • Examples of things to list might be:
  • Helped out at a Toastmasters Leadership Summit
  • Helped out at a District Conference
  • Attended Regional Conference
  • Attended International Conference
  • Served as a club mentor/sponsor/coach
  • Sponsored/Mentored new members
  • For the write-in section for Rookie of the Year and Toastmaster of the Year nominations:
  • Organize information so it is logically grouped and easy to pick out
  • List everything you can think of -- these are very tough categories to win

Things To Do/Not To Do


  • Fill out the form completely
  • Fill it out legibly
  • Fill it out sincerely and honestly

Do Not

  • Forget about the office for which the person is being nominated
  • Turn it in unreadable

Who Should Do It?

  • You! Me! Everyone!
  • Club members nominate their officers
  • Club Presidents nominate other officers
  • Area Council members and Division Governors nominate Area Governors
  • Area Governors and District Governor nominate Division Governors

When Should We Do It?

  • ASAP!
  • The sooner you fill it out, the better the nomination form will be
  • Look for deadlines set by your Area, Division, and District

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