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2011-2012 Last Year for This Criteria

The Distinguished Division Program is a set of 4 goals outlined by Toastmasters International. It is used as a method of recognizing Division Governors for their outstanding contributions and efforts in helping their Areas, and ultimately their clubs and members, succeed.

What are the goals that make up the Distinguished Division Program?

The following are the 4 goals that make up the Distinguished Area Program. Note that some of the goals use percentages or other multiplicative factors to calculate what your Areas need to accomplish over the course of the year to satisfy the goal. In these cases, you will round your result down. For example, for Goal #1 under the Distinguished Area section you need to have 50% of your Areas recognized as Distinguished Area. If you have 5 Areas in your Division, you would need to have 2 of them be Distinguished (5 * 50% = 2.5, round down to 2).

Division Growth Goals:

  1. No net club loss
  2. Net growth of 1 club
Distinguished Area Goals:
  1. 50% of Areas recognized as Distinguished
  2. 75% of Areas recognized as Distinguished

What are the recognitions that I can earn through this program as a Division Governor?

There are 3 levels of distinction that you can earn as a Division Governor:
  • Distinguished Division -- Achieve goal #1 in each category above
  • Select Distinguished Division -- Achieve goal #1 under Division Growth and goal #2 under Distinguished Area
  • President's Distinguished Division -- Achieve goal #2 in each category above

Division Governors whose Divisions achieve one of these levels will be presented with a certificate from International stating such. The certificate will be mailed to the person who served as District Governor during that year.

Is my Division Distinguished?

To see how all the Distinguished Division status for all the Divisions in District 25, click here. Reports are updated monthly.

Download the Distinguised Division Governor Program here.


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