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Rollout Updates and Adoption Report provided to Chief Ambassadors by
Toastmasters Internatioal - Posted D25 site 9/29/2017

Rollout Updates

The Pathways rollout continues with the launch of Region 2 the week of September 21, 2017. Regions 6 and 7 are next, rolling out at the end of October, with 19% of Pathways Guide and Ambassador club visits having already been scheduled. Recruitment has begun for Pathways Guides in regions 10 and 12 in anticipation of an early December launch. Regions 1 and 11 are scheduled to roll out in January of 2018. Stay tuned for more details!

Adoption Report
A great way to get your clubs excited about Pathways is to let them know what's happening in districts where it's already available. Members are enrolling in Pathways, progressing through the program and providing valuable, positive feedback. As of September 21, 2017:

1.  More than 5,267 members have enrolled in Pathways - representing 11.4% of the      members where Pathways is available. The usage rate in districts that were part of the program pilot is at least 27.3%.
2.  More than 3,700 paths are in progress.
3.  11 paths have already been completed.
4.  Members are choosing to go digital! Out of all of the paths in progress, only 32 have been requested in print.


While originally scheduled to start the roll-out this fall, it has been delayed a few months to accommodate enhancements that have been discovered during the District Pilot roll-out.  Currently three Districts around the world are the Pilot roll-out Districts and they are currently working through Pathways.  Their feedback to date has been excellent and very encouraging.  The next step will be to begin the Region roll-out.  District 25 is in Region 3 which is currently estimated to receive the roll-out in April of 2018.  Once the final roll-out begins (approximately May 2018) a two-year clock will start and will mark the time that all members working on current educational goals need to complete those goals.  But I know this sounds a bit confusion so I encourage you to attend an upcoming TLI general sessional as they will all be on Pathways.

Ambassadors play a major role in ensuring the Pathways learning experience launches successfully. Their primary responsibilities include building excitement and support for the new education program through motivating, educating and inspiring members within their district. The Ambassadors consist of approximately 1,500 volunteers. There is one Ambassador for every 10 clubs within a district.

The role of Ambassador includes:

Educating other members about Pathways
Providing updates as the roll out progresses
Explaining the program’s enhancements
Spreading the word about how Pathways benefits members
Visiting clubs and answering members’ questions
Working closely with the Chief Ambassador to share member feedback
You can expect an Ambassador to contact your club starting this fall to schedule a visit with your club and to share the exciting news about Pathways!  Check back here soon for a list of Pathways Ambassadors and which clubs they will be serving.


As an integral member of the Pathways launch team, the Pathways Guide works closely with the Chief Ambassador and Program Quality Director, while partnering with an Ambassador to prepare clubs for the arrival of Pathways in their district. They are the first point of contact to help with onboarding and Pathways training.

The Pathways Guide will:

Conduct club visits to raise awareness and build excitement
Educate club members about the program
Support vice presidents of education by scheduling regular virtual support sessions and submitting their questions to World Headquarters staff


Dynamic Leadership
Effective Coaching
Innovative Planning
Leadership Development
Motivational Strategies
Persuasive Influence
Presentation Mastery
Strategic Relationships
Team Collaboration
Visionary Communication

Each Path will cover 5 Core Competencies:

Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication
Strategic Leadership

Click on the link below for even more information about the Paths, Core Competencies, and the various Levels and Projects:
<Paths and Core Competencies - click here


Frequently Asked Questions about Toastmasters Pathways - click here

New Ice Breaker - click here

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