Spring 2017 Conference
Keynote Speakers


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Keynote Speakers

Friday Night

Dr. Yoram Solomon

Sponsored by:

World Renowned Grand Prairie Toastmasters


Dr. Yoram Solomon

Why Do You Get Your
Best Ideas in The Shower?

Have you ever tried to schedule "having a great idea" on your calendar? That's right, it doesn't work! You get your best ideas when you least expect them. Yoram Solomon doesn't believe that some people were born more creative than others, or that great ideas are accidental. To him, creativity is a well-defined process that you can implement to consistently generate more and better ideas than ever before, even while taking a shower.


Dr. Yoram Solomon is a passionate innovation & creativity thought leader. He has published five books (including Un-Kill CreativityFrom Startup to Maturity, and Bowling with a Crystal Ball), nine patents, and as one of the creators of the Wi-Fi and USB technologies he was dubbed by Texas Instruments "TI's Great Innovator". He was named one of the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers in 2015 (#12), and is a columnist at Inc. Magazine, Innovation Excellence, and Dallas Innovates. He spent years studying why people are creative in startups more than in Fortune 500 companies, learning the cognitive processes that lead to generating creative ideas, and earned his PhD for that study.

A National Speakers Association Professional Speaker, he spoke in several different national conferences, including twice for the Association for Strategic Planning. His un-kill creativity talks and workshops were described by participants as transformative.

Yoram was the host of the first TEDxPlano in 2014. He was elected in 2015 to the Plano Independent School District Board of Trustees. Yoram served in the IDF 35th Airborne Paratrooper brigade and as a USAF CAP pilot and Aerospace Education Officer.




Saturday Morning

David Martin


Sponsored by:
Out On The Town

David Martin

Voyage to "Dream Big"


Are you “in the Driver’s Seat” of your life? Have you ever thought about your life’s voyage? What do you Dream about and what are you doing to achieve those Dreams? Do you Dream Big? Come along for the ride as we Voyage together and explore thoughts and ideas about living out your Dreams. 


David Martin was the District Governor for District 25 in 2010-2011. Professionally, David works in the Commercial Real Estate Industry throughout the DFW Metroplex. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, and his Master of Business Administration Degree from Texas Wesleyan University. He has served as an officer in several organizations including President of the Graduate Business Student Association and Vice President of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Professional Fraternity. David was the President of the Texas Wesleyan University Alumni Association, President’s Council, and Board Member of the North Texas Alzheimer’s Association. David lives in Addison, TX. with his wife Kimberly and little girl Olivia.


Saturday Lunch

Philp Bendeich


Sponsored by:
Jesse Torres


Philip Bendeich

Master Your Mentoring
(in 3 easy steps)


Have you noticed that successful people rarely achieve success on their own? Want to know what it takes to master your mentoring?

Philip Bendeich offers three steps of mentoring: Arrangement (expectations, values, trust, and knowledge); Action (style, interaction, listen and learn, and communication); and Aftermath (understanding, results, acceptance, and gratification). This practical process to mentoring enhances the effectiveness of teamwork, provides empowerment to both mentor and protégé, and creates real value in your work environment and personal life.



Philip Bendeich speaks to audiences about delegation, mentoring and self-esteem. He leads groups of business and management professionals towards teamwork success with these proven techniques in south-east Asia, Southern Africa, Australia, the Middle East and North America.

Philip was Region Advisor in 2014-2016 for Region 12 (Australia), and served as District 70 Governor in 2010-2011. Philip is dedicated to bringing the value of mentorship to Toastmasters worldwide and has created a Facebook Group for this purpose called: Toastmasters Mentoring Program.




Saturday Evening

TK O'Geary

Sponsored by:

First Rate Toastmasters

TK O'Geary

Leadership on Fire:
Making the Vision Stick

Whether you're a CEO, manager, or ‘everyday leader’…do people understand your vision? Are they engaged? Do they want to see the vision become a reality? TK O’Geary has some quirky and not-so-quirky tips to help your vision stick and spread to those involved so you can engage your team - and stakeholders - and be THAT kind of leader. The leader with a team that would ‘walk through fire’ to achieve the vision.


TK O’Geary is a motivator, sought after consultant, and creator of Make Your Vision Stick – a system with strategies to help leaders engage teams for excellence.


Years ago, as a young technical professional, TK was fortunate to have mentors and leaders help her see the value of improving her communication and leadership skills. After a while, she was invited to lead projects, facilitate / train groups, be a company transition leader, join boards, and mentor new leaders & interns.


A performance excellence professional with a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, TK has a history of leading productive, engaged teams that deliver results. She advises organizations and leaders on strategic planning, communications, and the human side of process.


TK is dedicated to helping people bring a voice to their talent and vision. Her passion led to being recruited as a TED speaker coach, where she has worked with numerous people, helping find ways to most powerfully share their idea worth spreading.


TK is on the Board of Directors for a STEM organization, a lifelong fan of excellence, and a lousy cook.





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