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Friday Fun!


Let’s Build Some Real Bridges!

   Friday, November 17, 2017 

Friday Fun Activities

Plan now!
Build a bridge! - Win a prize!

Construct & bring to conference






Our District 25 fall conference is all about building bridges –
so here is your chance to really show off your bridge-building prowess!

Part of the Friday Night Fun activities
will include bringing a
you've built to the conference
to be part of the contest. 

If your bridge holds more suspended
weight than anyone else’s bridge –
you’ll win the prize!



150 (max) standard popsicle / craft sticks (4 ½” x 3/8”)

White glue (Elmer’s, etc.)



21-24 inches long and 3-4 inches wide

Must have a flat roadway the full length of the bridge that a toy car can roll along



No more than 50% total of each
popsicle / craft stick

can be glued to other sticks.






Friday Fun Activities

Come join us
Following Contest

For fun activities


On Friday night, we'll start by testing the popsicle stick bridges brought to the conference.



Next you’ll start to build bridges with fellow conference attendees.  You’ll pair up with another Toastmaster – someone you don’t know! – to show that the two of you can build a roadway with bridges faster than any other team.  (Hint – everyone will be doing the same set.)  The members of the winning team will win a prize.







You’ll end the night joining together in small groups to play a series of fast-paced, wild and wacky words-and-charades Hollywood Game Night-type trivia games that test your world bridge knowledge – and win more prizes!























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