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Have a Club Website That Works FOR You

A good website is your club's most important public relations resource. It is crucial for open clubs and can be valuable for closed clubs as well. It does not have to cost anything.

Which platform should you choose?


  • FreeToastHost is recommended. It's used by most clubs. Has many useful features, most of which can be turned on or off. Easy to change the administrator.
  • easy-Speak has a steeper learning curve, is used by fewer clubs. British-based, specifically for Toastmasters clubs.
  • WordPress does not have features specifically geared to Toastmasters, but TI does provide masthead files to customize your site.
  • Other free sites are available, usually with advertising.
  • Custom-built sites are generally not free to create or to host.


General advice and suggestions:


  • Always give the admin password to 2-3 people, never just to one person.
  • A domain name can be trouble, with issues about who pays for it or maintains it. If you use FTH, it's best to use the default or an alias.


Characteristics of a good website:


  • Has the meeting day, time and location near the top. Includes contact information (or a link to the Contact Us page).
  • Is customized for your club. Replace the default photo with one of your members. Turn off features not being used.
  • Tells visitors what you have to offer. Why should they come to your club?
  • Is updated regularly.
  • Download the checklist below for more details.


Useful Downloads and Links for Websites
Checklist for VPPRs and webmasters (PDF)
Set up a FreeToastHost website (PDF)


Sign up for a new FreeToastHost site

Admin change request for existing FTH site


Other platforms

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